Sunday, February 10, 2013

Braised Leeks and Onions

I was watching some cooking shows and decided that I needed to try leeks. I swear they schedule those shows in blocks to each feature the same ingredient so you want to go get some. Conspiracy!

I bought these 3 giant leeks thinking it was totally enough, until I cut one and realized the useful part was quite a small percentage of the entire vegetable. So when in doubt, add onions. (Alternatively, when in doubt, add avocados, but I went traditional on this)

I based this recipe on Braised Leeks from Simply Recipes, and basically followed it, except I cut the leeks smaller, left out the bay leaf and added onions, and I never measure anything.

Here is the pan pre-wine. It looks prettier than post-wine. Final product:

I dig it quite a bit. The wine was a bit strong (probably just because I am not a wine-drinker) so I would consider changing the braising liquid in the future, but I will definitely play with leeks again. They were even more tender and tasty than the onions. 

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