Friday, February 8, 2013

Hot turkey and cheese

Originally I had planned to make this post several days ago, but I got home Wednesday night and my bread was moldy... and I was too lazy to go buy more. Today I wanted to fulfill my sandwich fantasies. I wanted to make a fancy sandwich and had lots of grand ideas so I decided that a panini was the way to go. Because panini is such a fun word.

I wanted to model something on the ham, brie and apple sandwich at Dean and Deluca. I love that sandwich.  So to make it my own I used turkey (not pictured), and some really sharp cheddar cheese, sliced a little apple and then I broke out the Foreman... (...dirty dishes artfully cropped from the shot...)

I grilled that sucker up and it looked quite tasty!

And it was pretty good, but it didn't live up to what I thought I was making. What I originally intended to be a fancy, fruity panini turned out to be a plain old hot turkey and cheese sandwich. Meh face.

I think where I went wrong was heating it up. The warm apple just didn't taste like much of anything. I actually think that the sandwich would have been better cold, then the apple would have still been crisp and the cheese would have still been sharp. And maybe ham would have been a better choice than turkey. Or something that wasn't cold cuts from a package!

So I give it about a C... not bad, but I wouldn't make it again without some further experimentation.

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