Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thanksgiving sandwich

My company gives us a free turkey in December.  Because we were travelling for the holidays, I didn't have a chance to make the turkey until this past weekend so we're eating Thanksgiving sandwiches in February.  Wheatfields Bakery in my hometown makes this amazing sandwich with turkey, mixed greens and cranberry sauce on their Walnut Sage bread that is truly a work of art.  We don't have a Wheatfields here so I made my version of their sandwich and it turned out pretty well.


Turkey breast
artisan bread (this is La Brea Rosemary Olive Oil bread I found at Kroger)
spicy brown mustard
Ocean Spray whole berry cranberry sauce
baby spinach

Warm up your turkey so it isn't fresh-from-the-fridge cold.  Spread mayo on both slices of bread and the brown mustard on one of the slices.  Put the turkey on the mayo/mustard slice, then cranberry sauce and baby spinach.  Put your other slice of bread on, slice it in half and devour.  This is one of those super simple dishes that packs quite a bit of flavor.  And it was nice to have the sandwich in February because I had some time to de-turkey a bit from the holidays.

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